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Joseph Clark

San Francisco street artist
since 1996

I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 15, 1971. I had no appreciation for art until I reached the age of 24 when I saw the Picasso print "The Lovers." That piece of art seemed to bleed with emotion to me. A little 9x12 print of a painting done years before, miles away, still resonated a powerful message. I awoke to the fact that art can and does say something somehow, and if I could say something in that medium I would feel as if I am talking to everyone without discrimination. I have now learned that I could have no greater appreciation for art. Its boundless nature encompasses us all.

I became a professional street artist in May, 1996. I have made my living from selling prints on the street since then. I have loved every day of it, even though I have had some tough ones, it is always worth it. Being a street artist makes my art available to everyone that happens to walk by me that day. I have sold thousands and thousands of prints of my original artwork in San Francisco to people from all over the City, to all over the Bay Area, to all over the country, to places all over the world. I have sold my art to poor people, rich people, old people, kids, art collectors, to people who had never bought a piece of art in their life. I have sold my art to movie stars, musicians, comedians (see below) and to a bus driver once. I am the only person who sells my art. I am very exclusive. The bottom line here people, is people enjoy my art and put it on their walls, which is why I make it.

I did what I set out to do, make art that says something. I have had many sales and compliments and offers and suggestions and I thank everyone for their efforts and kindness in giving me a chance. To all the people who stopped, you are what makes society here beautiful. Thank you to the Bay Area, my parents, my sisters, my friends, James Enemark, and Mandy. Your support has been much appreciated.

Joseph Clark
November 2007

Well-known customers from the streets of San Francisco

Robin Williams "Self-Portrait at the Bus Stop" #369/500
Willie Nelson "Greg Allman's Drummer's Nephew's Band Setup at the Maritime Hall"
Dave Chappelle "A Little Light and a Lot of Room" and "The End of the Road"
Reese Witherspoon "Sideways Face"
Gail and Diva Zappa "A Little Light and a Lot of Room" and "Electric Guitar"
Baron Davis (NBA) "Olive a Sudden" (original oil)
Kirk Hammett (Metallica) "Space Flower"
Zia McCabe (Dandy Warhols) "The Shower Door"