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Joseph Clark

San Francisco street artist
since 1996

The End of the Road Kiss the Sky The Sea at Dusk Placid Sideways Face Self-Portrait at the Bus Stop A Little Light and a Lot of Room
Plankton Neighborhood Charcoal Self-Portrait Electric Guitar Yellow Self-Portrait Archangel Brotherhood and Sisterhood People Dancing at Big Sur
In a Rope Untitled Rising Planet Square Donuts A Flower in a Pot The Shower Door A Spring on a Hill
San Francisco in October Green Self-Portrait Three Flowers/Tres Flores A Different Planet A Flag for Civilization Blue Self-Portrait Untitled
Peace Project Cairo Blue Balloons and Plums A City Street Seventeenth Self-Portrait Cliffs Prehistoric Flowers
Untitled A Vine in a Pot Early Morning Self-Portrait The Source Untitled Some Invention Greg Allman's Drummer's Nephew's Band Setup at the Maritime Hall